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Acorn Awards offers 'Ready-To-Go' and 'Kit' Arrows
Below are the Kit Arrow products (Build the Arrow in one Den meeting!)

Arrow Kit - This Arrow of Light® Arrow Kit comes complete with everything needed to create a beautiful arrow and coup feather. The kit includes a 27" shaft (precut and stained), a 2" hand-carved stone arrowhead, three 6" Indian-style feathers, and a coup (coo) feather kit. Includes instructions for applying adhesive stripes or painting color bands to mark ranks and awards and stripe and paint sets are also available. This kit is kid tested and can be assembled in one Den meeting. $17 each.

Arrow Kit and Wall Plaque - Display your Arrow of Light® Honor Arrow with this handsome stained pine plaque. Already complete, you just screw the brass hooks into the pre-drilled holes to proudly display your arrow. You can get the courtesy personalized label with your Scout's name on it for no charge. Adhesive striping and painting instructions are included and stripe and paint sets are also available. $25 for the Arrow Kit and Wall Plaque.

Arrow Kit with Plaque and Patch Pennant
Let's face it. Within a short time, all those badges of rank, belt loops and other awards that took years to earn will be lost in a drawer somewhere. Why not proudly display them and honor all the hard work by both you and your Scout? This lifetime keepsake includes the arrow your Scout creates, the personalized mounting plaque and the patch pennant with coup feathers. There is no sewing and it takes just a few minutes to create. Many Dens get together after the ceremony and have one last meeting to assemble their award pennants.
$39 for the complete set.

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